Tips for Saturday Students

Tips to remember during the whole semester

07/02/2011 18:44
Hello guys from the D7 courses.   First we need to remmmber that this class is only once (one time) during the week, so as a result we need to practice a lot outside the class.  remember that the class does not finish in the classroom, but continues after... there are 168 hours...

how to practice outside the classroom?

How to practice outside the classroom?

26/01/2011 16:03
  Sometimes students tell me that they don’t have another person to practice with outside the classroom. Well, my answer to that is that you can do many things to practice everyday. For example, you can agree with some classmates to call each other once in a while in order to have...

Conversation Strategies

Conversation Strategies

26/01/2011 16:09
  Conversation strategies can help you speak more naturally and spontaneously.  But, what is a conversation strategy? Well, it’s a group of expressions and phrases that give me the tools to sound more real. The Touchstone Books have many conversation strategies. Go to the red or...

Recommendations for Basic 1-3 Students

Recommendations for Basic 1-3 students

30/01/2011 22:49
  Estudiantes de Básico 1-3, recuerden que hay varias estrategias y rutinas que son necesarias de utilizar y desarrollar para así lograr aprender más eficazmente y obtener mejores resultados. Recordemos que aprender Inglés requiere de dedicación, practica y trabajo que comienza en el...