How to practice outside the classroom?

26/01/2011 16:03


Sometimes students tell me that they don’t have another person to practice with outside the classroom. Well, my answer to that is that you can do many things to practice everyday. For example, you can agree with some classmates to call each other once in a while in order to have conversations in English outside the classroom. Another thing that students can do is that they can chat with different people in English, even with their classmates in their online community or even in facebook. You can also agree with some classmates to go out and grab a cup of coffee and have a nice English conversation. English has to become part of your life, so change the language of your cell phone, e-mail, and facebook into English; watch TV and movies in English, listen to music, check lyrics, use your CD ROM, the internet itself. And there are million things you can do, so as you can see you have many ways to practice, take a good attitude and do your best.