Tips to remember during the whole semester

07/02/2011 18:44

Hello guys from the D7 courses.   First we need to remmmber that this class is only once (one time) during the week, so as a result we need to practice a lot outside the class.  remember that the class does not finish in the classroom, but continues after... there are 168 hours during a week and the English class is only 2 hours, so you need to practice the other 166 hours. 


- Always prepare the classes, check Vocabulary and look for meaning and pronunciation (IPA).

- If you dont come to class, yu need to call a classmate and investigate what the homework is about.

- If one saturday we study lesson B, then the homework is workbook lesson B. 

- Try to use this webpage at least 30 minutes everyday to practice different topics and aspects. 

- Try to watch TV in English, as well as listen to music (download lyrics, learn vocabulary and new expressions. 

- Have a Vocabulary notebook where you can keep all the vocabulary you learn. 

- Remember to use other services such as the library, the lab, etc...

- for the Written Tasks, always plan and do them with enough time for you to make corrections, look for words, and construct something good. 

- Remember that Spanish is NOT an option in the classroom. 

- Call your friends and talk to them in English.

- If you have any problem, question, or suggestion please tell the teacher first, tell ME.